Monday, October 10, 2016

Lunken Airport-Where it all Started

Lunken Airport will always have a special place in my heart.  It was there in 1947 that my feet left the ground for the first time and transported me into a world of imagination.  My mom and I took a flight on a DC-3 from Lunken (in Cincinnati, OH) to Toledo, OH.  The flight was over 2hrs long with a stop in Dayton, OH.  If you're not familiar with Ohio geography you can almost drive from Cincinnati to Toledo in just over 2hrs now, but back then this was considered first class travel!

Lunken is no longer the major airport in Cincinnati so I don't find myself there often.  But I recently had the opportunity to visit the Cincinnati Aviation Heritage Society Museum at Lunken and it brought back a flood of memories of the good ole days.  I was honored to donate a book (on behalf of my friend Jon Proctor), on the History of TWA.  Jon was a friend I worked with at TWA and he is an historian and authority on all things TWA.  His book will be a great addition to the collection of aviation history they have at the musem.